Ignited by a passion for child development, Physical Literacy for Children was born through a personal journey; a journey of a father, Glenn Joselowitz and his daughter, Emily Rose.

Emily Rose

In 2010 Emily Rose was born with a rare neuromuscular condition that severely limits her joint mobility. Luckily Emily was born to a Mom who is a Physiotherapist and a Dad who was a Protea Gymnastics Coach.

The lack of options for special needs children outside of traditional physiotherapy and occupational therapy sessions prompted Glenn to find his own solutions.

“I snuck Emily into my personal gym and started introducing her to movement, stretching and conditioning. The progress was astounding! You would think that I’d seen it all after 20 years of working with children but to be honest, I had my own preconceived ideas of what special needs children were capable of, limiting beliefs!

Emily showed me that limitations are what we believe they are, she had her own plans!  Her development physically was astonishing, but her emotional development was the most satisfying. Emily is a confident, happy child who holds her own in any situation and although her condition certainly has certain drawbacks, she has surpassed any expectation I might have had.”


The Birth of The Kids Gym

Glenn partnered with Janet Mitchell, a gifted educator and renowned British and South African gymnastics coach.

Together they developed The Kids Gym, a world-class facility designed for children to develop and enhance their physical journey.

A unique curriculum ensures age-appropriate development and a qualified staff ensures a highly charged positive environment with motivation, acknowledgement and reward as the basis of the program.

But there was just one problem.

The Kids Gym is a commercial business whose location and costs make it largely inaccessible for the many underprivileged children in South Africa.


The Birth of Physical Literacy for Children

In order to make The Kids Gym experience and expertise available to these children, a solution had to be found.

Glenn and Janet realised that to serve the greater community, they needed to create a Non-Profit Organisation that could work in collaboration with The Kids Gym and other Non-Profits and Outreach Programs.

Physical literacy for Children (PLC) was born.

Through PLC, we are able to offer children with or without special needs from poorer communities, the same kind of education and support that Emily and the privileged children who have membership of The Kids Gym enjoy. In the same way that Emily grew physically and mentally stronger through the programme, these children from under resourced township schools and poor households  benefit from supervised classes where they experience the freedom of movement and all the new capabilities this brings them.


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Eric with one of the Molenbeek Children (Physical Literacy for Children)

Physical Literacy for Children

Physical Literacy for Children Molenbeek School

Physical Literacy for Children (PLC)

Physical Literacy for Children

Physical Literacy for Children (PLC)

Physical Literacy for Children (PLC)

Physical Literacy for Children (PLC)

Physical Literacy for Children (PLC)

Physical Literacy for Children (PLC)