Meet Yaseen Collins

Meet Yaseen Collins

Meet Yaseen Collins



Yaseen Collins is very excited to come to the Gym every Monday….

…because he gets to spend time time with his friends and Gym. 

Exercise makes him happy.

His favourite thing to do in the Gym is all the exercises on the trampoline. 

He likes his Trainers and says they make him feel special.

Meet Chelsea Cupido

Meet Chelsea Cupido

Meet Chelsea Cupido

Pictured here with proud Dad, Leroy Cupido


We interviewed Chelsea  and her parents, Robyn and Leroy Cupido at the end of her first year on  the PLC Program we ran for Molenbeek School. 

Chelsea said she is very excited to come to The Kids Gym every Monday because she loves playing with all her friends.

Her favourite thing to do at the Kids Gym? 

All the exercises.


Chelsea said she has fun at The Kids Gym and her Trainers make her feel special.


Robyn and Leroy Cupido Thanked us for the all the hard work and effort we put into training their kids.

They have seen many benefits of the Program…

Chelsea’s parents have noticed that she is excited to attend Kids Gym classes and practices almost everything she’s learned when she gets home.


They have noticed her health, fitness and confidence has improved a lot this year.


Chelsea has also shown an interest in other activities since she started at The Kids Gym, specifically ball bouncing and gyming at home.


They have also seen improvement in her School work and found she enjoys School more. 

Robyn and Leroy feel the number one benefit for Chelsea has been the improvement in her health and fitness.


Meet Bill Mthembu

Meet Bill Mthembu

Meet Bill Mthembu



We interviewed Bill Mthembu in December 2018.   This is what Bill had to say…

Bill said he’s excited to come to The Kids Gym because he likes the trampoline, wall climbing and the monkey bars.

He says his Coaches make him happy because they are teaching good stuff.

We also interviewed Bill’s Molenbeek School Teacher.

This is what Mrs Zondo had to say…

I’ve noticed that learners are calmer since they’ve been attending Kids Gym classes.


They interact better with their peers and their concentration is better than before.


I’ve also seen improvements in displine, listening skills, confidence and emotional security.


Changing South Africa One Child at a Time

Changing South Africa One Child at a Time

The Problem…

Did you know that for the first time in History, more deaths are caused by obesity than malnutrition?  (By overweight than underweight)?

Get the facts from the World Health Organisation.

One of the major causes of this is INACTIVITY. As we become more and more hooked on technology, our lives become more sedentary.

We are becoming couch potatoes… and so our children.

The Solution…

Encouraging children to become active by providing exciting Physical Literacy programs that inspire them to exercise.

Physical Literacy for Children (PLC) is a Non-Profit Organisation in South Africa focusing on Making a Difference in this space.

PLC was established to offer Physical Literacy to underprivileged and Special Needs children.

PLC uses the curriculum and program of the Kids Gym and currently supports 150 children at The Kids Gym Cape Town.

How You Can Help

Shop Online for your Office Equipment, Home Appliances, Stationery, Electricity or Airtime at WE BENEFIT.

We Benefit


Donate to PLC Now via Payfast. For less than $20 (R240) you can sponsor a child for a month.

For as little as $20 or R240, you can Sponsor a Child on our Program for a month.